Online Consultation

I provide services to all businesses and functional areas (Finance, Logistics, HR, Operations, IT, Data & Analytics Teams) that want to increase efficiency with digital process automation and AI.

Big technology players often don’t provide support for Small and Medium-sized businesses. I like to change that and offer flexible, tailormade solutions for SMBs in the area of Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, and Intelligent Document Processing.

Please also have a look at my experience page for more information.

I strongly believe that good advice is about matching one person’s problem with a potential solution and/or service. Before you decide, if I am the right person to work with, I first and foremost need to understand your use case and problem. After an hour of analyzing your situation, you will get some clear recommendations on how to scale your digital business, what tools to use, and which best practices to follow.

In a nutshell: To save your and my time! During my time as a sales professional, I spent countless hours in qualification calls to better understand my prospect’s needs. I believe that taking the appropriate amount of time to analyze your situation is essential for successful cooperation.

Yes! The first hour of consulting is completely free of charge. You can then decide how to proceed.

I am charging consulting fees and referring to software tools and platforms on a commission basis.