Partners play an essential role in how I do business

Microsoft for Startups Logo


I am honored that I got selected by Microsoft for Startup Founders Hub. I develop solutions based on Microsoft Azure, in particular Microsoft Cognitive Services and Azure Data Services.

OpenAI Logo


As part of Microsoft for Startup’s cooperation, I am using OpenAI’s innovative Large Language Model for diverse tasks like chatbots, text classification, and text extraction.

TP-Partner Logo


I have formed a strategic partnership with Martin Puchinger and his company. TP-PARTNER is an Austrian Tax Advisory firm based in Vienna that is a true innovator with regard to artificial intelligence and process automation for tax advisors. This collaboration allows both parties to leverage their expertise and provide more comprehensive solutions to their clients.

Leadinfo Logo


Leadinfo is an integral part of my website and digital sales process. It helps me to identify which companies visited my Website. I advise companies on how to use Leadinfo and how to integrate it into their own (CRM) systems. Logo is my preferred Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Tool besides Microsoft Power Automate. RPA tools enable businesses to automate almost all aspects of their digital processes. Combining RPA with AI = Superpowers!

Zoho Logo


When starting my business in 2023, I evaluated several CRM Systems. I worked with Hubspot, Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics in the past. After months of testing, implementation, and configuration, I run my entire business with Zoho. CRM, Marketing Automation, Booking, Bookkeeping, Social Ads campaigns, and much more. I can confidently say, that the Zoho One Suite of Tools provides amazing functionality for an unbelievably affordable price.